Experimenting with Health: Water Diets

For those who think the word diet is one of those nasty four letter words, you may be only half right. While technically, it does have four letters, the term diet doesn’t have to be one of the nasty ones. Especially considering all the different types of eating plans that are available, choosing one (or dreading to do so) should not be an uneasy feeling. Love carbs? Great, find a diet that allows you to consume them. Fried foods more your style? While it may be counter productive, exercising heavily can help contract the occasional corndog consumption. The key is to find a happy medium between healthy and happy.

One of the easiest ways to try a new diet that won’t cramp your style, and without spending a fortune, is by drinking water. Lots of it. Known as a water diet, this beverage adjustment plan is a great way to make yourself feel full, flush toxins, and give your body a healthy boost back into a reality that doesn’t list trans fats and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) on its main ingredient list. Also, by drinking water, not soda, juices, etc., calorie counts can greatly be reduced. This works to lower your overall weight and levels of excess fats.

What’s It Mean?
In order to qualify as a water diet, a participant should drink eight glasses of cold water per day, where each glass contains eight ounces. When added up, this brings the daily total to two quarts, enough to help flush out your system and burn calories along the way.

(As a side note, if you think you require more or less water, talk to your doctor. Pregnant women and men may need more water, while smaller bodies could need less. Check with a professional to be sure, or before varying from general recommended amounts.)

Another fact to note is that the diet does not affect daily food calorie intakes. Technically, drinking the water is the only requirement; the foods are still up to the consumer. However, participating in the water diet provides a great platform to shed excess pounds, toxins, and other harmful ingredients. Eating healthy and exercising can greatly increase this process, as well as work to shed excess or unwanted pounds.

Why Does it Work?
By drinking the water cold, the body is forced to burn calories when warming it up and digesting, an added bonus.Next, the diet works because it essentially flushes a system from almostevery unhealthy substance. Colons, intestines, stomachs, and more will all get a good washing from the constant flow of pure, calorie-free water. Staying hydrated (the water diet’s doses are also recommended for everyday intakes, not just while participating in weight loss), bodies are able to stay hydrated and properly functioning. Digestive systems will be kept regular, and pounds will easier be shed when the body is properly hydrated and fueled. (Read our previous post on water to find out more.)

Because of the multiple benefits and cost effective methods, many choose to embark on a water diet to help get in shape. Whether it’s paired with an additional diet or used alone to create a solid stepping stone, there are ample benefits to incorporating it into your lifestyle.

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