Infusion: A Trend on the Rise

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ngers of artificial ingredients, so does the community supporting healthy alternatives to pre-packaged and pre-processed foods. Bloggers are coming out of the woodwork, companies are introducing more and more organic options, and homemakers and at-home cooks everywhere are opting for more nutritious meals. A quick online search will provide thousands of helpful hints, including entire websites dedicated to green living and sustainability – traits that many once thought to be a thing of the past.

However, it’s not just meals and a way of life getting in on the action. Flavored Water offers up its very own healthy aspect without sacrificing nutrition or taste: flavor infusion. Just by adding in fresh, all-natural ingredients to the meals and beverages we already consume, a taste boost can be given to any meal. For those following the going green lifestyle, you can pick berries or cucumbers from your very own garden to infuse into water or herbal teas. And for those with a much paler green thumb, pick up ingredients at your local farmer’s market or organic grocery store. The best part of infusion is that the possibilities are constantly evolving.

How Does Infusion Work?

Much like the ingredients that can be used, the process itself is always on the move. Users can infuse beverages, meals, snacks, and more. All it takes is a little patience and fresh ingredients and you can start infusing away.

To add in a little kick of flavor, infuse water, oils, or vinegar when cooking. Heat up oil with a few sprigs of dill, and then remove to achieve a hint of flavor, or leave in for a more intensified taste. Just put a few veggies or herbs into whatever chosen liquids when cooking to capture the essences of these flavors – which will then be echoed in your dish.

When it comes to beverages, let fruits or veggies steep in the fridge or on the stovetop when making tea or other hot beverages. Then strain before drinking or adding to a meal.

Infusing is a fairly simple process, but allows cooks of all skill levels to add taste without packing on calories or artificial ingredients. Just by taking advantage of the fresh ingredients we already have in our kitchens, that old favorite can be changed into something completely new and exciting.

Add blueberries and kiwi to a glass of champagne and then eat the fruit when you’re done. Cook garlic in oil and then remove to avoid that heavy, scented taste. Or incorporate peppers into a salad dressing by soaking in vinegar or oil for a few hours before eating. These and countless other combos can be enjoyed for a meal menu that never gets stale. And best of all, you’re adding taste without empty calories or unnatural ingredients. Who knew infusion could be such an easy, rewarding process?

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Photo courtesy of Thomas Tolkien