Vinegar, a Hidden Source of Health

Anyone who has ever colored eggs, rinsed out paintbrushes, or c

leaned a toilet the old fashioned way knows just how pungent vinegar can be. It’s enough to put your hair on end and burn the nostrils if caught too closely. But despite its strong and somewhat unpleasant scent, vinegar is one of the healthiest substances available – an unsung hero in the world of cooking agents. Consuming it – even in small doses – on a regular basis can have serious health benefits, including weight loss, body regulation, reduction in headaches, and more.

Drinking it Down

For many though, getting past the odor is simply too much … let alone drinking the substance. Luckily though, there are several ways to avoid the taste of straight, pungent vinegar. Several health food stores actually sell flavored vinegar for cooking or drinking raw. Mix this ingredient into your everyday cooking to help hide the substance’s taste (even though many mixtures are quite tasty).

Another option is to flavor the vinegar yourself and create your very own, yummy concoction. Use an infuser or strainer and add one parts vinegar and two parts water or seltzer water. More vinegar can be used for a stronger taste, and whatever type of vinegar you choose is also up to you; apple cider will be sweeter, while white will allow for a stronger, more sour taste. Next choose fruits or vegetables to steep into the mixture and let sit. Honey or natural sugars can even be added for a sweeter, more enjoyable taste.

With vinegar the flavor combinations are virtually endless. Just mix until you find a combination you enjoy and consume regularly to experience the added health benefits of drinking vinegar.

The Benefits

Just by drinking a small amount of vinegar a few times a week, you can achieve an array of positive results. The substance can help reduce body aches and pains, including headaches and arthritis, remove plaque in arteries, and provide skin with a hydrated, healthy glow. Vinegar has even been shown to reduce baldness, along with dandruff flakes and itching.

However, the most common use for vinegar is that of weight loss. Drinking vinegar can help you feel fuller faster, acting as a natural hunger suppressant. It can also as help the body to shed the pounds it already has stored away. And finally, it allows the digestive system to work more regularly and efficiently, which also contributes to weight loss over time.

Need proof? In an obesity study conducted in Japan, scientists gave subjects a beverage per day that contained either one or two tablespoons of vinegar, or a placebo. The subjects were also asked to maintain their normal diet and exercise routines. Those who consumed at least one tablespoon of vinegar per day showed significant weight loss, especially around their mid sections, tested with lowered levels of triglycerides, and ate less on a day-to-day basis. Those who consumed the placebo showed maintained levels of both weight and triglycerides.

Whether you take in a tablespoon per day, or a diluted beverage a few times per week, vinegar is shown to have proven health benefits. And thanks to all the available methods today, it doesn’t even have to taste bad while doing so.

To start flavoring your own vinegar concoctions today, head to today to pick up an infuser.

Photo courtesy of CJMartin